Vagueness Paper

I posted a new
vagueness paper to the vagueness page, and to the new papers page. It is a
short note showing that John Burgess’s recent AJP article arguing against epistemicism has a small bug in it, but
that the bug can be fixed without too much damage to the structure of the

I haven’t been adding much
philosophical content to this site for a bit, but hopefully that will change
soon. I should have some things on disjunctive theories of perception up soon,
and maybe something on voluntarism about belief. In the meantime, I’ve been
thinking of trying to Google Bomb
my own pages up, but I doubt this works. (For more info on what a Google Bomb
is, see the link. The best such bomb is the one attacking the “Church” of Scientology.) Right now my vagueness page is #12 on a Google search for
‘vagueness’ – I’m sure it can go higher than that!