Among the many ways in which the world
could change for the better, the following two seem sort of salient to this
site. First, it could be easier to link to papers available in online journals.
I suppose if we all collectively decided to only send papers to freely
available journals like The
Philosophers Imprint
things might be a little easier in this respect.
Anyway, without this I can only tell you that among the many recent papers Iíd
recommend are Hartry Fieldís ďSaving the Truth Schema From ParadoxĒ in the
February Journal of Philosophical Logic,
and Graham Priestís critical notice of the entire Lewis oeuvre (you think Iím
kidding, donít you) in the June NoŻs.

it would be nice if I was competent in putting up links. I was meant to deliver
this talk in Edinburgh last week. I managed to not pack a
copy of the talk, which is a rather impressive feat of poor packing I must say.
Anyway, I wasnít particularly worried about this, because I thought I had
linked to it in the previous post. Sad to say, the link was broken, though I do
hope itís now fixed. I did get a copy of the paper back from a different source
about 2 hours before I was meant to give it, but by that stage Iíd quickly
rewritten the whole thing (sometimes it pays to be a quantity-based rather than
quality-based philosopher) and gave the rewritten version instead. I donít
think it was a complete disaster, but it would have been nice to have been a
bit more competent with postings and avoided the whole thing. I did discover
that itís more fun writing in Scottish bars than in American bars, but I think
I could have done with merely having a
knowledge of that particular proposition.