Right now I’ve got iTunes converting songs off a CD to MP3s, transferring other MP3s to the iPod and playing a third batch of songs. And it seems capable of doing these three tasks with minimal effort. (For a while it was also doing some level calibration on the other songs on the iPod, but that was starting to drain resources.) I love multitasking! If only I could grade papers and blog at the same time, I’d be in multitasking heaven.

Now I just have to decide how many of these albums I want/need to buy from the iShop. How many new CDs can I get at once before the marginal value of each new CD goes to 0?

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  1. Get the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Radiohead definitely. Outkast would be next on my list. Personally, I think the White Stripes are overrated (I know, indiegeeks will hang me for this). I’m sorry pop lovers, but Fountains of Wayne suck.

    I recommend the new Mogwai (if you’re a Mogwai fan, which you should be…). For the Aussies (and everyone else who loves psychobilly influenced punk) The Living End’s new album, the Australian import, is available on the internet, even though the American release won’t be coming for another month. (Who cares, the imports are always better anyhow.)

  2. Missing on that list is The Shins, “Chutes too Narrow”. I was really disappointed by the Outkast double-album—but everyone else seems to like it.

  3. I agree that the newest Mogwai is a must have. I’d also add Gillian Welch’s ‘Soul Journey’, and although it is from 2002 Lisa Miller’s ‘Car Tape’ is a definite must for Australian fans.

    One question for Brian: Why are you converting to mp3 instead of AAC with iTunes? AAC offers better quality with smaller file sizes, and also supports gapless playback (which mp3 doesn’t) – if I had an ipod i’d definitely go that way.

  4. I agree with Barry that Radiohead and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are definitely worth getting from the list Brian links to, and that The White Stripes’ Elephant is overrated (except for “Ball and Biscuit”). Of the other things on that list, The New Pornographers was a huge delight for a while, but hasn’t visited my CD player since the summer; I’m afraid The Shins album may suffer the same fate, but it’s too early to tell (I only got it last week). For what it’s worth, my own greatest faves for 2003 include “The Meadowlands” by The Wrens, “Yours, Mine & Ours” by Pernice Brothers, “Guitar Romantic” by The Exploding Hearts, “Hearts Of Oak” by Ted Leo/Pharmacists, and “2” by A Frames.

  5. I’d just been using MP3s because I was familiar with them, and I had a bunch of files already on MP3. But I probably should change – the ability to make files that play on my MP3-CD player is not that important if I don’t ever use that player any more.

    I had given up on Radiohead for a number of reasons (not releasing stuff in CD format in Australia being one of them) but with so many recommendations maybe I should try again.

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