Good News for Syracuse

And, by extension, for upstate New York. Brian Leiter reports that Mark Heller has accepted a job offer at Syracuse. The report doesn’t say when he’ll be starting, but whenever he arrives he will be another good addition to the philosophical community in, what will be, my next of the woods.

UPDATE: Orange Philosophy has more, including the news that Mark will indeed be starting this Fall.

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  1. Brian,

    This has nothing to do w/ the post here, and may well be moot in a few weeks anyway, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to update the link from your own home page to the actually working version of this blog? It just seems a bit funny to me. (Maybe there’s a good reason other than that the brown page won’t be around long, or maybe that’s reason enough, but I thought I’d point it out incase you just forgot.)

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