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July 30th, 2004


No papers blog or TAR for about a week while I’m at BSPC. Hopefully posting will resume in about a week – though then I’m off to Rutgers for the Mayhem. Well, hopefully regular posting will resume in under two weeks.

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2 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. Jonas! says:

    perhaps there should be blog posts from those gatherings, like how bloggers posted from the democratic convention. umm, that would be cool.

  2. garrett says:

    hey is there a way to post a rant or is it just your thing. i personally love sencelessly ranting at something currenty ticking me off, but still making a point maybie in comparison or directly, but thier is always a meaning behind them and usually comical. or hell i can email em to ya if you wanna post em. I love when people laugh at my stuff or relate. No stand up comic in my future, but i think i can out rant dennis miller before im even halfway done with a rant.well before i begin to rant i’ll cut the rabmle.

    please e-mail me back
    garrett a.k.a. the MadDoc