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August 25th, 2004

Philosophers Magazine

The Philosophers Magazine keeps most of its articles behind a subscriber-only wall, but some of the recent articles are online for a few weeks. Some of these are by leading philosophers, such as Susan Haack and Al Mele. There’s also a defence of student-faculty relationships which might be more plausible if it didn’t include lines like:

Feminist theory, consistently and misguidedly, presupposes that, at some level or other, all power relationships involving men are evil.

Maybe (maybe) some feminist theorists think this, but as a claim about feminist theory as such, it seems a wee bit overblown.

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One Response to “Philosophers Magazine”

  1. Cleis says:

    Sheesh, what a bunch of crap. Really. This article is typical of misinformed, so-called criticisms of feminism that demonstrate no familiarity with feminist theory. The devil is in the details: Catharine (not “Catherine”) MacKinnon no where says that all heterosexual sex is rape; “Dr. Bell Hooks” is just bell hooks—a psuedonym she chose carefully and explains in many of her books. Feminists have a variety of views on power, eroticism, sex, sexual relationships between teacher and student, et. al.