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August 26th, 2004

New Paper

Another draft paper for me. So drafty it might not even go on my papers page, but since it is more carefully crafted than a blogpost, it will go on the blog.

Moore, Bradley and Indicative Conditionals

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2 Responses to “New Paper”

  1. Michael Kremer says:

    With that title I thought I was going to get a paper in the history of early analytic! (Moore, Bradley…)

    Anyway, I haven’t read the piece by Bradley you’re responding to, but what is meant by a
    “Boolean” theory? Offhand, I’d have taken that to be a truth-functional theory. Your theory involves the epistemic “might” which I wouldn’t have counted as “Boolean”, so I don’t know what constraints there are on Boolean theories. Can you explain? (At least in a footnote?)

  2. Brian Weatherson says:

    The title is potentially misleading I guess ;)

    I don’t know exactly what Bradley means by a Boolean theory. He certainly means something weaker than truth-functional. I think (in part from this paper and in part from others) that he means a theory in which conditionals are always either true or false. So a 3-valued theory would be non-Boolean. At other points he talks about Boolean theories being non-classical. There’s a dismissive footnote about material implication interpretations, so I think the paper is meant to be attacking a much broader class of theories.

    I should add a parenthetical remark to the effect that I’m basically interpreting Boolean here to mean 2-valued, not truth-functional.