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We just got an insane amount of spam from someone sending from IP address If someone knows how to notify the internet service provider responsible for that address, and get them to stop hosting spammers, I’d be incredibly grateful.

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  1. A Whois search gives this information:

    NetTransactions, LLC CHOOPA-NETBLK01 (NET-64-237-32-0-1) –
    Kamen Dimitrov c/o Choopa.Com CHOOPA-64-237-52-16-1 (NET-64-237-52-16-1) –

    No idea if that means anything to you.

  2. What I’ve done with some of the worse comment spammers that I’ve gotten is shut them out at the gate with the .htaccess file. This is pretty straightforward.

    Just create a file with the name .htaccess in your root web directory. (You may already have one, if MT installs its own.) Then add the following lines:

    order allow,deny
    deny from
    deny from some.other.address
    allow from all

    (You can add multiple adjacent “deny from” lines to ban other addresses.) Users from those sites will then not be able to access your page at all. You can also ban entire blocks of addresses by omitting one or more of the dotted numbers at the end of the address; therefore,

    deny from 64.237.52

    would block all addresses of the form 64.237.52.n

    You can also use a similar technique to cut down on so-called “referer spam.” Good luck!

  3. Thanks for looking that up James. I’ve sent a message to choopa and hopefully they’ll act. And thanks Will for that suggestion – I hadn’t realised I could block the entire site off that way. It’s a little sad because I want people reading the site, just not spammers.

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