Red Sox

I couldn’t get through a night without at least one Red Sox post.

Kai von Fintel posts about his family’s (very close!) connection to the Red Sox. I’ve just increased my credence in all of Kai’s semantic theories by 10%.

Via Kai’s trackbacks I ran into Boston Common which is a nice blog about all things Boston. Right now roughly 99% of posts are about the Sox.

2 Replies to “Red Sox”

  1. Pedro had better pitch masterfully tomorrow night or he is through as a premier starter. He must regain the ability to intimidate batters.

  2. Pedro comes through, with the help of two great throws and two great tags. Of Ortiz’s throw- not bad for a DH; of Manny’s- it reminded me of Willie Horton’s throw in the ’68 WS to nail Lou Brock on the Play at the Plate. (Horton had also been maligned for his fielding.) Manny has also recovered his stroke in the nick of time. He really turned on the high and inside fastball that he hit out in the 1st inning. For his part, Suppan did himself in with the worst piece of baserunning that I’ve seen in a long time. If one of my kids ever did that ….

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