Spam IP Adresses

This is probably of interest to no one but me, but here’s the current list of IP Addresses that I’ve banned from the site because of repeated spam attacks. I imagine a few of them are fake addresses, but here they are.

I haven’t tried to contact all of the hosts, but none of the hosts I have tried to contact about their domains being used for spamming have as much as written back acknowledging the problem.

On the other hand, I’ve had fewer difficulties with repeated attacks since I started aggressively IP banning. There are still a few who move their address around repeatedly, but this seems to have caught the worst of them.

4 Replies to “Spam IP Adresses”

  1. Do you use MT Blacklist? If you do, you can also add spammer IPs to that. That way, if you can’t delete all the spam manually (e.g. if you miss a bit somewhere), Blacklist should automatically whack it for you.

    Scott, who hosts me, has also installed a script that prevents comments being added to posts that are X number of days old. You may want to investigate that too.

  2. Yep I use blacklist – these are the addresses I’ve banned from my entire site. What happened with each of these was that they sent many messages that Blacklist picked up and mostly stopped. Now they’re all banned from the entire site so I don’t have to worry about them sending messages every n seconds and taking up server time. This might help cut down the server overheads for a site like ubersportingpundit.

    Crooked Timber also closes old threads, but I occasionally get interesting comments from a few weeks or months back, so I’d lose something if I did that. On the other hand, it would make spam easier to deal with, so maybe I should install it.

  3. I think there’s a plugin that allows you to require your approval before old comments threads show new comments. There’s a word for this, but in my brief grading break for some reason I can’t remember it. So the comments would be accepted but wouldn’t show on the site until you approved them. I don’t know the name of this plugin, unfortunately.

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