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October 31st, 2004


Richard Heck has put together what should become one of the coolest philosophy sites on the internet – a searchable database of online papers.


There isn’t much up there yet because individuals with papers have to register and deposit their own papers. (Which you should do. Right Now!) But this will in time be a phenomenal resource for philosophers, and we should all be very grateful to Richard for putting together such a wonderful site.

In other news, I’ll be away for a few days at the ASA, so there won’t be much here or on the papers blog through the weekend, unless baseball results one way or the other cause me to panic/celebrate. So thanks again to Richard for building such a great site, and Go Sox!

Update: This was originally published on Oct-27 – the new timestamp is because I wanted to bump this post to the front of the blog.

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2 Responses to “PhOnline”

  1. Charles R says:

    That looks like a wonderful resource for students to plagiarise for a PHIL1000 (or so) course. It’ll keep TAs on their toes.

  2. lenhart says:

    My first thought before checking the database was much along the lines of Charles R’s. Fortunately, “Epistemicism Factualized: New Contractarian Foundations for Epistemology” is the sort of title that sends me to google before I start reading the introduction. Maybe at in the next few years I will have completed a paper that I think is worth indexing.