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November 23rd, 2004

Riddles of Existence

Ted Sider and Earl Conee are writing an intro metaphysics book which looks like it should be fun and useful. You can see a brief preview of it here.

Riddles of Existence

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2 Responses to “Riddles of Existence”

  1. Varol Akman says:

    Just finished reading the intro and ch. 5; great stuff really. Looking forward to reading the whole book.

  2. Ari Krupnick says:

    Someone might want to alert Sider/Conee to the following mistake contained in the short synopsis of Chap. 9:

    “Not all truths are created equal. It is true that Michael Jordan is a great basketball player, and it is true that all bachelors are unmarried…the second truth could not have been false: bachelors are necessarily male.”