More Lemmings!

Matt Carter has made the pictures I was hoping for with the last Lemmings post. WooHoo! They are mostly below the fold, but who could resist this lemming pic?

!- 200×200!

p=. !- 200×200! !- 200×200! !- 200×200!

6 Replies to “More Lemmings!”

  1. A question for Brian. Is “lemming” conjunctive or discjunctive? When I first read the original birh anouncement for the term, I understood it conjunctively: a lemming works on language AND epistemology AND mind AND metaphysics. I took it as a sign that there are more Lewis-style philosophers around working across disciplines. Then I noticed that in the explanation “OR” is used, so a person working only in phil. of language is thereby a lemming. Which is the correct doctrine?
    nenad miscevic

  2. It was meant to be disjunctive. The idea was to find a term to replace ‘core’ for those areas around metaphysics + epistemology broadly construed. So Ted Sider and Stewart Cohen are lemmings, even though they work on few of the lemming areas.

  3. Thanks for clarification. Accepted that “Lemming” is disjunctive. And three cheers for conjunctive Super-Lemmings, who work successfully in all 4 areas! (Probably D. Lewis should be the patron saint of Super-Lemmings.)

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