Christmas in Manoguayabo

Since it’s the season for spreading good news stories, here’s a delightful story about Pedro Martínez and the resources he’s put back into his home town of Manoguayabo. It’s easy to feel jealous (or worse) towards sports stars for all the money they earn, but these feelings are hard to maintain when the star does so much good with the money.

For years Pedro has been my favourite player on my favourite (non-Australian) sporting team, and it was rather sad when he left so he could get more money from the New York Mets. But it’s hard to feel bad about Pedro getting the extra $13 million or so the Mets were offering when so much of it will be returned to Manoguayabo.

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  1. Kudos to Pedro. It’s definitely a good thing when athletes do this sort of thing – they have a bad rep as it is. But, for my part, I’ve never gotten the “or worse” feelings people have towards atheletes who make boatloads of money. One hears a lot of “Those asshole sports stars make millions of dollars, how greedy and awful they are, etc.”, but as far as I can tell the reason professional athletes make boatloads of money is because the profits they make possible are so enormous. If sports stars made small salaries, they would be getting screwed by the companies they work for. I think that would be sad. I mean, I’m no economist, but I think I’d rather the players got rich than the owners.

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