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February 21st, 2005

Harry Frankfurt on The Daily Show

Karen Bennett (Philosophy, Princeton) reports that Harry Frankfurt is scheduled to be on The Daily Show, presumably promoting his book On Bullshit. The date is now set to be March 14, though that doesn’t seem to be absolutely certain. Non-philosophers should feel free to be less overjoyed with excitement at a philosopher getting this much attention, but I think it’s rather fun, and that episode won’t end up being one of the Daily Shows that I miss – or fastforward through the interview.

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7 Responses to “Harry Frankfurt on The Daily Show

  1. philosopundit says:

    Yet another reason why THE DAILY SHOW is better than other forms of news entertainment.

  2. ken says:

    Well, it’s not as big a deal as being on the Daily Show, obviously, but Harry will also be on Philosophy Talk, also talking about BS. The date isn’t firm yet. It will be either April 19 or April 26. It’s during our station’s (KALW) pledge drive and we hope to give away Harry’s book on BS for a certain size donation.

  3. John Fischer says:

    It is not as big a deal as the Daily Show or Philosophy Talk, but Harry Frankfurt will be at our conference for Gary Watson on Sat. Feb. 26.

    I’ve noted that Harry has recently written two books with Princeton University Press: one on love, and one on BS. Hm… is he saying that the situation here is like “the morning star” and “the evening star”—different ways of getting to the same real phenomenon??

  4. Kris says:

    Is Frankfurt going to be interviewed or simply mocked in a segment (like the other philosopher recently on the daily show)?

  5. Varol Akman says:

    In what ways the book is different than the article version in “The Importance of What We Care About” (CUP, 1988)?

  6. david says:

    What other philosopher was recently on the Daily Show?

  7. Barry L. says:

    Harry is going to be interviewed by Jon Stewart, not mocked by a correspondent, like Peter Ludlow.