The Trophy

There’s a complete absence of philosophy in this post. But there is a picture of the Red Sox World Series trophy, which might be more important!

On the way back from Boston yesterday, Ishani and I discovered that the World Series trophy would be in Framingham, which we were about to drive through. So we stopped to see it, and stand in slack-jawed amazement that we were in the presence of a World Series trophy, won by the Red Sox. There was a queue of people waiting to get their picture taken with the trophy. We were too late to get tickets to the queue, but Ishani managed to get us in without a ticket! And so we had this picture taken.

Just why we look so scared is not particularly clear. Because there were so many people we didn’t get a chance to have multiple photos – it was one and done. (Unlike the Red Sox, fingers crossed.) So I was a bit scared of looking silly. So I looked scared. It’s still a photo with the trophy.

OK back to philosophy – or at least Goodman class preparation – now.

2 Replies to “The Trophy”

  1. … it was one and done. (Unlike the Red Sox, fingers crossed.)

    Nah, I’m afraid the Sawx have to wait another 86 years. (Yes, I’m a Cardinals fan, thanks for noticing.)


    On a more serious note, is the ball on display next to the picture The Ball that the Sawx and Doug Mientkiewicz are fighting over ownership of? And what is the status of ownership, or has that been resolved (for some reason that dispute has fallen off my radar)?

  2. That’s The Ball. Minky has loaned it to the Sox while they work out who owns it.

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