I’ve been getting flooded all day with spam from IP address, which if you do a traceroute you’ll find is a pharmaceutical site. (I’m not linking to it because that would just be rewarding the spam.) Even after IP banning them, they are still hitting the site around 50 times an hour – you can see what the error log looks like here. I’d recommend banning that address, and if you get hit with any spam report it to Google as abuse.

2 Replies to “Spambashing”

  1. With something like that, it’s probably a bot they set up to do it repeatedly, and they’re not bothering to check that it’s not getting through. I’m surprised they’re doing it from a computer at their own facility. I’m even more surprised that they’re allowing one IP address to get through with all of them. Those are signs of an amateur. Sometimes people will attack a site like this just for fun, to try to get the site to lose service. If that’s what’s going on, they’re probably spoofing the IP.

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