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August 2nd, 2005


Today’s papers blog contains links to two online books.

Gilbert Harman and Sanjeev Kulkarni, Reliable Reasoning: Induction and Statistical Learning Theory (PDF).

Ralph Wedgwood, The Nature of Normativity.

I wasn’t really sure where it fits onto the papers blog, but it’s also worth noting that the latest issue of the house journal of CAPPE, Res Publica, is now available.

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2 Responses to “Books!”

  1. Neil says:

    The papers blog only appears under the full address (…/archives/00491.html) and not under

    Also (in the interests of garnering a wider readership for myself) I note that you’re not listing updates to the JESP. (

  2. Brian Weatherson says:

    Ah, I should have been tracking JESP from a while ago. I sometimes semi-randomly link to the daily entry for OPP rather than the front page, it seems reasonable to mix things up from time to time.