Following Estzer’s suggestion I have created a Frappr map for TAR readers.

Where are the TAR readers

Click on that link and (a) you’ll have a chance to see where some of the readers are and (b) add yourself. At first I imagine it will be a fairly slim map, but I would like to see where the readers are. Note that although the map doesn’t show all of the US at first, you can scroll around fairly easily to see everyone.

4 Replies to “Frappr”

  1. When I tried to place myself on the map I was told my city was ‘invalid’. Strange, since ‘Winnipeg’ is not an argument…I wonder what makes a city ‘valid’?

  2. Hey Brendan — I didn’t realize you lived in ‘Winnipeg’. I thought you lived in Winnipeg.

    But it’s good to see that someone is trying to put The Peg on the map.

  3. Brian, where did you find ‘Logic Lane’? Sounds almost as holy of a site as the existential quantifier road sign in Syracuse.

  4. [T]he ancient colleges of Oxford, with their well-kept gardens and famous “dreaming spires,” seemed to supply the perfect environment for serious philosophical study. Walking its streets was an exercise in intellectual osmosis; that an alley should be called “Logic Lane” seemed to me the height of philosophical cool.

    Colin McGinn, The Making of a Philosopher (New York, 2002), p. 59

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