I’m trying to cut down the number of classified ads on TAR, which makes me glad there are blogs for this kind of thing. In particular, there is an excellent blog run by Tina Huggins,

Philosophy Conferences and Calls for Papers

The name is probably self-explanatory, but it provides links to upcoming conferencs and calls for papers, including calls for conference papers. Hat Tip: Clayton.

Having said that, there is a conference coming up in upstate NY.

Syracuse Grad Conference.

While on the announcements, I notice the Missouri folks were plugging Blackwell’s service for annoucing journal tables of contents by email. This service is useful, but if you really want to keep up to date, the thing to do is to subscribe to the RSS feeds of the various journals. For instance, here is the feed for Mind and for Nous, and there are plenty more available (for free) through Ingenta=. (This post has been edited slightly for clarity.)

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