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This is pretty cool.

Don’t be so sure anymore that a “podcast” user is merely taking in the latest hit tune or yesterday’s show of Howard Stern railing about something or other. For in last week’s list of 32 “notable” podcasts featured on the web site of the Apple iTunes Music Store you can find not only hot soap operas and popular music but also the 15 lectures that comprise UCSD’s Philosophy 10 course, “Introduction to Logic.” Taught by Associate Professor of Philosophy Rick Grush and offered in the fall, winter and spring, Phil 10 draws up to 300 students each quarter.

I probably should be doing the same thing with my 101 lectures. Sadly, I’m not enough of a geek to figure out how to do this. (No really, I only play a geek on the interweb.) Anyway, congrats to Professor Grush for getting this recognition.

Via Daily Phil.

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  1. Stanford recently started putting up podcasts of lectures and presentations on campus at http://itunes.stanford.edu/. It is free and available to the public. People interested in the content in the post should also find something to interest them on the Stanford site.

  2. Duke sems to have embraced this and related technology wholeheartedly – including issuing iPods to each crop of first-year students. Details of the Duke Digital Initiative (DDI) can be found here:

  3. I was going to suggest a site to you… a “how to” on pod casting. But your caveat says “no dot com links allowed.” So, let me just say you could google for “podcastingnews” and find it there. I’m no geek myself, and found it helpful.

    I also noticed that you did work with probability, and I wanted to reference a post I did some time back on agnosticism. So, let me say it is archived on 25 june 04. I blog at “honest2blog” and “reformatorische.”

    I enjoy your sites.

  4. Our central lecture recording service here at Melbourne has made audio files available over the web for a couple of years now. The system works nicely – you simply book the recordings and wear a lapel mike – the iLecture folk take care of the rest.

    I taught a summer subject over the past couple of weeks and was pleased to see that they’ve now added iPod support as an option. I ticked the box and my lecture series was made available as a podcast. A number of students reported making use of this and listening to lectures on their iPod (I can’t imagine anything duller than listening to me on your iPod but there you go).

    According to the news media, the Stanford on iTunes service that Shawn mentions is going to be rolled out to other institutions in coming months.

  5. A number of people have asked me how I made the video podcasts for my logic lectures, and so I made a brief, 27 minute tutorial video (about 21MB mp4) describing my equipment, software, and procedure. It is surprisingly easy and inexpensive. Go to my podacsts webpage at


    And scroll to the bottom.

    Comments and questions welcome.

    Rick Grush

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