Syracuse talk

The pride of Syracuse, Jason Stanley is coming home to do a talk at S.U. next Friday at 3.30pm in the philosophy department. The title is “Meaning, Use and Truth”. If I was doing the talk I would have rearranged the second and third conjuncts for historical resonance.

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  1. Branden,

    You are (may I remind you) from JAMESVILLE-DEWITT, the upscale suburb of Syracuse. In contrast, I am actually from Syracuse (as is Chris Kutz). As I recall, I used to steal your lunch money.

  2. …In addition to Branden Fitelson and Christopher Kutz, Syracuse has also produced the political philosopher Peter Levine at the University of Maryland (though Brandon and I graduated high school in the same year, as well as being from the same city)…maybe we should have a conference of Syracuse-produced philosophers…

  3. Jason,

    I confess to having a slightly more liberal way of understanding “of Syracuse”. But, I take it, we can agree on the “pride” part! And, now that you mention it, you do owe me a few quarters…


  4. Did all the children of Syracuse faculty gang up on kids from the suburbs? or only Jason? Did they get their folks to drive them out to the suburbs for the purpose? Just curious.


  5. My dad was in the physics department for several years, before moving to the private sector (and — alas — the suburbs). So, yes, I too was a faculty brat for a few years there (before Jason started stealing my lunch money).

  6. To be fair to Branden, there actually isn’t much difference between the city of Syracuse and its suburbs…I don’t even recall there being a need to be driven out there in order to steal lunch money…one could walk.

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