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As I’ve mentioned before, I get a lot of requests these days to have things announced via the blog. So I’m constantly trying to find a way to balance getting announcements out with keeping the site uncluttered and content-focussed. Here’s the latest attempt.

Every Monday, I’ll put up a ‘message board’ post where people can leave announcements in the comments of any kind they want concerning philosophy or things connected to philosophy. Because the spam situation is getting under control, I’ve loosened some of the restrictions on links in comments, so you should be able to include links in the announcements. If there’s something you want publicised on the blog then, announce it on the message board.

In comments I’ve left two messages that people sent in before I started the message board. Obviously in future it would be easier to cut out the middle man (i.e. me) and post these directly.

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  1. Vincent Henricks sent along the following.

    A sequel to Formal Philosophy is being prepared entitled

    Masses of Formal Philosophy

    a follow-up where everybody may answer the 5 questions posed to interviewees of the first Formal Philosophy. The answers will be collected, compiled and published as a book by Automatic Press / VIP; edited by Vincent F. Hendricks and John Symons. If you would like to participate and give your view on formal philosophy, please follow the instruction set – link to be found below. Deadline for your contribution is September 15, 2006. Follow this
    link for more:

  2. Catch Weatherson, Harman and Kelly on the Radio!!

    At the upcoming Pacific Division Meetings, Brian Weatherson, Liz Harman, and Sean Kelly will be John Perry and my guests on a special episode of our radio show Philosophy Talk. The topic of the episode is will be “The Future of Philosophy.” We thought it would be cool to have three youngish philosophers who will do the bulk of their work in this century talk about where they see philosophy headed. The show will be recorded in front of live audience and edited for later broadcast on our now 14 affilates. Instead of our usual call-in segment, we will take questions from the audience. There will be free food and (paid) drink available before the taping. If you’re going to be at the APA, come and join in the fun! It will happen Thursday night from 5 -7:00 or so. The reception will begin at 5 and the taping will begin at about 6:00.

    We’ll also be doing a second episode while we’re in Portland. This one will happen at the Studios of Oregon Public Broadcasting. It is gong to be a TV-Radio simulcast. Probably the TV thing is just a one shot deal that will only ever be seen on OPB, if it is seen anywhwere.

  3. There will be a summer course “Descrying the World in Physics” at the CEU in Budapest Hungary. The focus will be on metaphysical issues connected with QM, Statistical Mechanics, and Relativity and the nature of laws, time, chance, and causation. The course is appropriate for graduate students and recent PhDs interested in metaphysics/physics. The faculty are David Albert (Columbia), Katalin Balog (Yale), Carl Hoefer (Barcelona), Barry Loewer (Rutgers), Tim Maudlin (Rutgers), David Papineau (Kings College). There are a few openings left for the course. For further information contact Barry Loewer at and look at

  4. Studies in the History of Ethics, a web-based, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality research and reviews in the history of ethics, announces a special call for papers for a symposium to be published in summer

    Bioethics: Perennial Questions, Ancient Insights

    Authors are invited to submit manuscripts of 4,000-10,000 words that explore the relationship between ancient Western philosophy and philosophical questions in bioethics. The editors are interested in historically-oriented
    manuscripts that address such topics as:

    The physician/patient relationship
    Justice and access to health care
    The role of the physician in society
    Virtue and medicine
    Conceptions of disease and health
    Clinical topics (i.e. abortion, euthanasia, cloning, etc.)

    Ryan Spellecy, Medical College of Wisconsin

    E-mail submissions, preferably in .doc, .pdf, or .rtf format, to The journal’s full submission guidelines can be found at

    May 22, 2006

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