Lewis on Reduction of Mind

I still haven’t crawled out from under the mountain of work that I abandoned before and during the APA, so blogging will be slow for a while. But happily, part of the work is something bloggable. That includes the latest Lewis notes I wrote. These are on the first half of “Reduction of Mind”, and include an extended discussion of a point that was at the centre of Eric Hiddleston’s interesting paper from last week’s APA. (Sadly Eric’s paper isn’t online or I’d link to it.)

The notes are on the Lewis blog and in PDF.

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  1. Hiddleston’s paper is still available on the Pacific Division’s web page, at least for now.

    Here is the URL for Hiddleston’s paper:

    Here is the link to the papers and abstracts:
    (The symposium papers are posted after the regular session papers.)

    It was a stimulating discussion and I look forward to reading an elaboration of the point made repeatedly in the Q&A. (I am guessing that it concern’s “Zoltan’s contextualist response”.)

  2. Does philosophy have any practical value?

    I ask this because I just listened to pirated audiobook on literary theory and it seemed to be utterly, utterly useless.

    Please respond in your own words and don’t tell me to go read book X by author Y, because that always ends up being a wild goose chase with you people.

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