I’m sure most of you knew this already, but I was under the impression that Stalnaker’s Inquiry was out of print for a while, and it was hard to get a hold of it. Anyway, it is now back in print, and available through Barnes and Noble. Grab ‘em while they’re hot. (Unless this is old news and I’m only just finding out about it, in which case they aren’t actually that hot, but you should still get ‘em.)

UPDATE: Since I posted this, Barnes and Noble have gone out of stock. So here’s the link to Amazon.

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  1. “Inquiry” has been available for a while: I got a copy a couple of years ago, though it took about 3 months to arrive. Other relatively recently reprinted things it’s good to know about: Lewis’s “Parts of classes” reappeared last year to general delight hereabouts.

    Interesting to think about what books you would most like to be reprinted. I nominate Field’s “Science without numbers” and his mid-80’s collection on modality; plus the second volume of Armstrong’s “Universals and Scientific Realism”. (If anyone knows how to get hold of these, I’d really like to know…)

  2. My vote is for is Montague’s ‘Formal Phiosophy’ or a paperback edition of ‘Themes from Kaplan’

  3. It’s also available directly from MIT press where I recently ordered a copy. (It’s in their ‘An MIT Press Classic’ series.)

  4. Robbie: shows that you can used copies of Science Without Numbers and Realism, Mathematics, and Modality at the bargain prices of $145 and $100 respectively. Josh: Formal Philosophy is available used for $125. These prices suggest to me there’s a good argument for reprinting these books!

  5. On closer inspection Formal Philosophy is a reprint on demand deal, for $125. Thank goodness I already own it.

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