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Greg Restall was recently interviewed by ABC’s Radio National about logical pluralism. I’m really not kidding – there was a radio show on logical pluralism on national radio. I’m so proud of my country, or at least its national broadcaster, sometimes. The link is here.

It’s not actually a philosophy link, but assorted ex-pats might like to know that you can listen to a lot of ABC shows as podcasts. They recently added the flagship current affairs shows, AM, PM and the World Today, which are great for keeping up with what’s happening. And they also have the Philosopher’s Zone, which Greg appeared on, as a podcast.

Did you know you can get a Firefox plugin that adds an option to search the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy to the search bar? It is available here.

Finally, on the recent trend of noticing what’s happening in philosophy blogs, Eric Schwitzgebel has a blog, The Splintered Mind which I’ve been enjoying a lot.

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  1. Yes, it’s incredible. I was surprised at how far Alan was prepared to go with it — but he’s a smart guy, interested in philosophy, and he has 25 minutes a week to fill.

    I hope the program survives: it’s been going for 1 and a half years, but the boutique programs (I mean, most things other than the Reports, News & Current Affairs, the religious programs, the Science Show and Late Night Live) on radio national tend to have a short lifespan.

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