Some Links

There’s an interesting comments thread at Certain Doubts about Google and blind review. There’s a worry that papers are blindly refereed because referees will use google to find a draft version of the paper on your website. I think all the folks arguing that papers should be kept off websites before refereeing are making a serious mistake. There are many advantages to having papers up on a website (it generates feedback, it provides visitors an idea of what you are doing, it establishes a sort of priority, etc) and the potential disadvantage that a referee might (although they shouldn’t) Google the paper to find out who the author is and hence might (although they shouldn’t) use that information in making their decision is pretty small. This is especially true for people looking for work; papers on websites are your friend, often a crucial friend.

Wo has a string of good new posts up. I always found it a little tricky to get much done in Canberra when the temperatures got too high, but this doesn’t seem to be slowing him down.

Finally, David Chalmers links to many interesting discussions around the web on, largely, Chalmers-ish topics. I used to do more of this, and I should get back to doing so. But it’s all that blind refereeing that’s holding me up!

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