Philosopher’s Annual

As Keith DeRose notes, the Philosopher’s Annual seems to have died. The job of the Annual was to collect the best 10 or so articles in any given year. The articles would get reprinted, but I think this wasn’t a huge part of the point. (I never remember seeing, for instance, a print version.) The main job was to recognise, in real time, the best articles that were coming out.

Now it is sad that the Annual has died, but it is the kind of thing that the philosophy blog world should be able to do something about. If the aim is to find a list of the best 10 articles in a given 12 month period, as chosen by a broad cross-section of the profession, this looks like a job that it will be easier to do in a blogging age than before.

Now TAR has been, as you’ll have noticed, not the most active blog in human history later. And that’s largely because we’re all rather busy with other projects, like teaching and grading. (At least those of us not at ANU are so engaged!) But I’m sure we could help out if Certain Doubts, or Pea Soup, or one of the other big blogs wanted to organise something to follow up on the Philosophers’ Annual.

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