APA Hotel Fire

As you’ve probably heard, there was a fire at the APA hotel this year. As if job candidates’ experiences weren’t bad enough already, they had to wander around a ballroom containing a few hundred philosophers in their pyjamas, clutching soot stained damp facecloths and making light conversation with the people who’d interviewed them earlier in the day. Top 5 conversation starters:

  • Did you see the fire?
  • Did you bring your laptop?
  • So you had time to get dressed? / Do you think you’ll be giving your talk dressed like that? / So, professor X, I didn’t know you liked bambi/J-Lo/penguins…
  • Oh, you’re right! It’s my pants that are on fire!
  • Perhaps you could tell us a little bit about your dissertation?

To reasure those who hadn’t heard anything about this, I’ll just add here that according to the hotel staff, no one was hurt, though it seems clear that the job market in philosophy nearly got a whole lot easier.

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