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January 12th, 2007

APA Fire

Some potentially helpful info, from Mark Moyer (cut and pasted from his email):

Several of us that were at the APA have asked for, and have been given, a refund for our hotel bills for the final night of the conference (due to the fire). Those who have been given refunds include a few people who were on the 7th floor (where the fire was) as well as one person on the 3rd floor who incurred water damage. I don’t know if they are giving a refund to everyone who asks, or just to those on the 7th floor, or … But presumably many people would like to know this so they too can try to get a refund, whether they were funded by their school or, for many such as graduate students, they were footing the bill themselves. Hence, I thought this might deserve it’s own post on TAR.

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  1. joesalerno says:

    hi andy,

    some 6th floor guests whose room was a little water logged were refunded the final night.

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