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January 18th, 2007

More Illusions

The pictures are copyrighted, so I won’t copy any of them here, but there are several more illusions by Akiyoshi Kitaoka at his website. For a really striking contrast effect, scroll down to the “Green and Blue Spirals” image.

UPDATE: And here is the page of illusions by Beau Lotto at UCL. Thanks to Jamie Dreier for the link. Again the images are copyrighted, so I won’t cut and paste any, but they are utterly remarkable. (Note that one of them is a brown/orange ‘illusion’ that, as Daniel Nolan noted in the previous comment thread, we might want to think twice about saying is illusory.)

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One Response to “More Illusions”

  1. Jamie Dreier says:

    Those are pretty, and I agree that the spirals are effective.

    But check these out:

    Click the first “Colour Perception” link. These illusions are literally unblievable, in the sense that I did not believe that the patches are the same color until I used the moving screen. And even then I had trouble believing it.

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