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A few links and stuff for the morning, while we grade and/or wait for the world cup to start.

  • The Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique has a very large selection of scout badges for successful (and not so successful) scientists. I especially like the I left the respectable sciences to pursue humanistic studies of the sciences badge, but you may have your own favourite. (HT: Elizabeth Lee)
  • A new romantic comedy starring a middle-aged Jack Nicholson, with a certain resemblance to a Stanley Kubrik movie, has a “trailer on YouTube. (HT: Andrew McGonigal)
  • If you’d rather win the world cup from your own computer, and have several hours between grading to spare playing online cricket games, you’ll love Stick Cricket. If you are susceptible to timesinks, you’ll hate me for posting this.
  • The Michigan grad students have a new blog, Go Grue. I’m always pleased to see new grad student group blogs; it’s a good way to get ideas talked about.
  • There is a nice article about Terence Tao in the NY Times this morning. As many of you will know, I was one year away from being Prof Tao’s teammate on the Australian Maths Olympiad team. There are a few interesting comments in the article about the move from doing maths competitions to becoming a professional mathematician.

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