Links and a Paper

Here are two more philosophy blogs that I don’t think I’ve previously linked to.

  • Anthony Gillies’ blog

As Thony reports on his blog, CIA Links, a fine paper he wrote with Kai von Fintel has been accepted for publication in the Philosophical Review. Congratulations Thony and Kai!

I’ve been spending a bit of time recently working through a paper by Tamina Stephenson (a student of Kai’s), called A Parallel Account of Epistemic Modals and Predicates of Personal Taste. I don’t buy everything she says, but some of the technical resources she introduces have been incorporated into the latest version of my conditionals paper, which I can now post.

This used to be called ‘Conditionals and Relativism’, and the change is something of a big one. I now defend a version of what we called ‘content relativism’ in “Epistemic Modals in Context”. Except, for reasons that become clear in the paper, I’d rather call it ‘indexical relativism’. The paper is fairly drafty, but I would be interested in knowing what people think of it. (The PDF is also bigger than I expected; I just changed some software around, and I wonder if that’s the cause.)

I’ll be off to Arch{e’} soon, so comments may take a little while to appear depending on how good my internet access is. But I’ll try to get to everything as quickly as I can.

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