2nd Online Philosophy Conference

The 2nd Online Philosophy Conference has just entered its second (and final) week. My paper on Logical Pluralism (which is, in a way, a paper about the objects of validity) is up, with comments by JC Beall and Jonanthan McKeown-Green. I was really happy that JC agreed to comment on the paper, since he and Greg essentially wrote the book on logical pluralism. Jonathan is a good friend of mine from my graduate days. He had the office nextdoor to mine for a while at Princeton, but he has since returned to Auckland, where (some of you may be interested to note) there is currently a vacancy in logic. Anyway, the paper is only 14 pages long, and I’d be really grateful for any comments.

The Online Philosophy Conference is well worth supporting of course, and this week it also features papers from Derek Pereboom, Jeff McMahan, Caspar Hare, John Martin-Fischer and Jonathan Dancy.

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