Latest Edition of Analysis

I used to read Analysis more or less from cover-to-cover when it came out. For various reasons I’ve stopped doing that, largely because it fell down the priority list than because it seemed like a bad idea. Looking at the latest issue (contents below fold), it seems I might want to return to my old habits. I wish the journal wasn’t so male-dominated, but otherwise it is one of the most valuable philosophy journals we have.

Table of Contents

How probable is an infinite sequence of heads?
pp. 173-180(8)
Author: Williamson, Timothy

Privative causality
pp. 180-186(7)
Author: Haldane, John

Basic deviance reconsidered
pp. 186-194(9)
Author: Schlosser, Markus E.

Context-dependency and comparative adjectives
pp. 195-204(10)
Author: Hawthorne, John

Permission to cheat
pp. 205-214(10)
Author: Sorensen, Roy

The folly of trying to define knowledge
pp. 214-219(6)
Author: Blome-Tillmann, Michael

In praise of folly: a reply to Blome-Tillmann
pp. 219-222(4)
Author: Kearns, Stephen

Self-knowledge and the limits of transparency
pp. 223-230(8)
Author: Way, Jonathan

Manipulating emotion: the best evidence for non-cognitivism in the light of proper function
pp. 230-237(8)
Author: Starkey, Charles

Mereological summation and the question of unique fusion
pp. 237-242(6)
Author: Forrest, Peter

Truthmakers, knowledge and paradox
pp. 242-250(9)
Authors: López deSa, Dan; Zardini, Elia

Omniscient beings are dialetheists
pp. 250-251(2)
Author: Milne, Peter

If omniscient beings are dialetheists, then so are anti-realists
pp. 252-254(3)
Author: Kallestrup, Jesper

A reductio of coherentism
pp. 254-257(4)
Author: Stoneham, Tom

Another objection to Wright’s treatment of intention
pp. 257-263(7)
Author: Miller, Alexander

Counterpart theory and four-dimensionalism: a reply to Eagle
pp. 263-267(5)
Author: Stone, Jim

A coherentist response to Stoneham’s reductio
pp. 267-268(2)
Author: Noordhof, Paul

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