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July 22nd, 2007


Brian Leiter has a summary of the recent rounds of faculty movement. Here was one interesting statistic from looking at the top 30 US departments.

There were 15 senior hires, 13 male and 2 female.

There were 13 junior hires, 6 male and 7 female.

Having 19 out of 28 hires by top 30 programs be male is not great, but it is promising that so many women are being hired at tenure-track level.

Where the junior hires came from is also interesting. The most successful program by this metric was UCLA, with 3 people hired. After that, NYU, Rutgers and MIT had two graduates each hired, with the other four coming from Princeton, Duke, Freie and Colorado.

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9 Responses to “Hiring”

  1. Brit says:

    Don’t you mean “9 out of 28 hires”?

  2. Aidan McGlynn says:

    Hi Brit,

    It’s ’19 out of 28 hires… male’. It would have been 9 out of 29 if Brian had written female instead.

  3. Aidan McGlynn says:

    Sorry, this time I meant to write ’9 out of 28’.

  4. Brit says:

    Thanks! I wish I could read.

  5. jrgwilliams says:

    Looking at the UK top 10 is pretty depressing on this score. Unless I’m missing something, 17 hires are listed, with all but one of the hires being male (the exception being at Leeds, as it happens). Though oddly a couple of permanent changes at Oxford aren’t listed, including Ofra Magidor’s appointment. 2 out of 19 isn’t a whole lot better though.

    Durham, York and Manchester have all just appointed women to permanent positions, but they’re not included in Leiter’s summary.

  6. Dilip says:

    On Leiter’s list, it looks like three of the junior hires were from NYU.

  7. Ofra says:

    Talking of UK job market statistics, it’s worth noting that Brian’s statistics for which programs place graduates in top 30 departments only takes into account top 30 US departments. (For some reason this seems to be done also in Leiter’s statistics here:

    The Gourmet Report now has a ranking that combines US and non-US (English speaking)departments, so it is interesting to see what happens if we take ‘top 30’ to mean top 30 in the combined ranking. This seems to make a difference to the results. For example, on the combined ranking there were 3 junior hires this year of Oxford graduates in top 30 departments (one in UCL and two in Oxford), and I wouldn’t be surprised if other non-US departments fair better on this measure too. Note also that some of the hires that Brian mentions above fall below the top 30 threshold on the combined ranking.

  8. Michael Kremer says:

    I think you miscounted, Brian. I count 19 tenure-track hirings, of which 11 are male and 8 female.

    The tenure track hires include 3 each from NYU and UCLA, 2 each from MIT, Princeton, Pitt, and Rutgers, and 1 apiece from Duke, Freie Universitat, Saltzburg, Chicago, and Colorado.

    If we leave out the hiring into tenure-track positions of people already in tenure-track positions elsewhere (counting Barbara Sattler as not having been on tenure-track at Illinois, since Leiter doesn’t explicitly say she was — this may be a mistake):

    14 hires, 10 male, 4 female, including 2 each from NYU, UCLA, Princeton, Pitt, and Rutgers, and 1 apiece from Duke, Freie Universitat, Saltzburg, and Chicago.

  9. Michael Kremer says:

    My count was for the top 30 US departments.

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