A Conference at Rutgers

On October 26, 27 and 28 there will be a conference at Rutgers (New Brunswick) on metaphysics and physics. The focii of the conference are questions concerning how physics and metaphysics have, do, and ought to inform each other. The speakers are Alan Code, Dean Zimmerman, Cian Dorr, Tim Maudlin, Yuri Balashov and David Albert. If you’re interested in attending, contact the conference organiser Heather Demerast (heatheremerast aht googlemail dawt com).

I’ll be commenting on Dean’s paper. It looks like it should be a fun conference, although some of us may be attending with one eye on the baseball/the nearest iPhone.

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  1. Also, Brian, you and other conference participants are invited to a Halloween party in Highland Park that Saturday night.

    See you at the conference, and hopefully at the party!

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