Peter Lipton

As readers of Leiter will already be aware, Professor Peter Lipton died suddenly on Sunday. 

This is a big loss for philosophy.  Peter was an excellent philosopher, with wide research interests, particularly in the philosophy of science, epistemology and the philosophy of mind, a willingness to think and talk about pretty much anything and a very inclusive attitude to discussing philosophy. His papers are exemplary for their clarity and style.  He was also an inspiring teacher; I remember his undergraduate lectures as among the best I have seen. 

I am just finishing off a paper on explanation for the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; as Peter was the person who first inspired my interest in this topic, and also (typically) sent me several pages of encouraging and helpful comments on this very paper shortly before he died, I have decided to dedicate the paper to his memory.

An obituary has been posted on the Cambridge HPS website.

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  1. Just to add to Carrie’s thoughtful note:

    Peter Lipton was a superb philosopher but an even better human being. He was my first epistemology professor (back in the day, at Williams College), and I don’t think I’ve seen his equal as a teacher since. I’m sorry for his family, sorry that I will no longer be able to talk about philosophy with him, and sorry for our profession. It’s a huge loss.

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