Recent Compass Activity

I haven’t posted for a while on what is happening with Philosophy Compass, which is a shame since we’ve had some nice new content go online.

The biggest development is that Compass is now rolling out teaching and learning guides. As the name suggests, these are meant to help those preparing a unit (or even an entire course) on a particular topic. The first of these is by TAR’s own Gillian Russell, and it is on the analytic/synthetic distinction.

We also have a bunch of new interesting articles. There are too many to highlight here, but some that are of particular interest to TAR readers include:

As always, the abstracts are freely available, but you (or your library) has to subscribe to Compass to get the whole article.

In the future we’ll hopefully be setting up a system whereby TAR threads are available for commenting on Compass articles, but that must wait until the New Year.

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