Compass Updates

Blackwell and Wiley have merged, so Philosophy Compass is now published by Wiley/Blackwell. They are currently offering free two month trials to any institution who requests one. Compass now has well over 100 articles online, and we are hoping to have 100 more this year, so now might be a good time to recommend to your university/college’s library that they subscribe.

Compass is also thinking of starting a user review site for philosophy anthologies/textbooks, sort of a Trip Advisor for textbooks. The idea is that we’ll maintain a database of books that are used at least somewhat widely in philosophy, and we’ll give you the chance to review the books, and to read other people’s reviews. This will be linked to Compass, but freely available whether you subscribe or not.

If we do this, which books would you like to see us include? We’ll make a list of the obvious ones (i.e. the big anthologies from the major presses) but are there any that might not be so obvious that you think we should include?

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  1. Reviews of logic textbooks would be especially helpful. I find it pretty hard to judge things like what the strengths and weakness of a logic textbook are, how difficult the exercises are going to be etc. until I’ve actually taught from it – and of course by then it’s too late.

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