Philosophy Compass Teaching and Learning Guides

One of the new features that we’re rolling out at Philosophy Compass is teaching and learning guides to accompany our survey articles. The guides provide some background, some reading lists, and some focus questions for people teaching a unit (typically 4-6 weeks long) on the subject of a Compass article.

The teaching and learning guides are freely available, and will remain so. This isn’t just a pilot program! As part of the pilot, however, we’re going to make some of the articles that the early teaching and learning guides are attached to available for free over upcoming months. And throughout this week, I’ll be highlighting these articles here at TAR.

The articles will be

Gillian Russell, “The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction”, article, TLG

Michael B. Gill, “Moral Rationalism vs. Moral Sentimentalism: Is Morality More Like Math or Beauty?”, article, TLG

Stephan Finlay, “Four Faces of Moral Realism” and Terence Cuneo, “Recent Faces of Moral Nonnaturalism”, Finlay article, Cuneo article, Joint TLG

Over the week I’ll be putting up longer posts about each of these, and opening comments threads for each article and their TLG.

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