Improve “Jobs for Philosophers”

Over at the Philosophy Job Market Blog, there’s <A href=>a discussion</a> about “how the JFP (in roughly something like its current form—print and online copies) could be more user-friendly and helpful for folks on the market.“  And apparently Kevin Timpe, one of the members of the relevant APA committee, is listening.  So if you have any suggestions for things that could be standardized about ads (or perhaps reasons why some of the suggested standardizations would be problematic), or thoughts about how the geographic and alphabetical ordering could be improved, or anything else <A href=>go over there to comment</a>.  I know it seems to be traditional there to leave comments completely anonymous, but I’m sure for something like this it might be useful for the APA committee to have an idea at least whether the person giving the suggestion is someone who’s tried to write a lot of these ads, someone who’s been spending lots of time lately trying to read these ads, or of a different sort of demographic category.

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  1. I was going to write something here about this, but actually the suggestions (as of now) at PJMB are pretty good. The ads should have a standard form, there should be 6-10 categories that you fill in, and the ‘output’ from the APA should be sortable by each of these categories.

    The details are relatively unimportant. As long as each ad has a few key characteristics clearly extractable, and the output is in a database/spreadsheet friendly format, enterprising folks can do the rest.

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