When we were in Melbourne over Christmas, Ishani and I went to Marysville for a couple of days. We wanted to get out of the city for a little, and spend a little time in the bush and in a pretty country town. It was very pleasant there, especially staying at Rendezvous Cottages, which was incredibly pretty. It was especially nice to see so many birds flying around happily – not least because they were so well fed by the hosts at Rendezvous.

And now it is, as far as we can tell, all gone. There are a handful of buildings, at best, standing in the town of Marysville. On the main street (which I think doesn’t quite include Rendezvous, though the terminology is ambiguous) apparently the only building standing is, of all things, the bakery. At least 12 people, in a very small town, have died.

There’s very little we can do from a distance to help, but there are several ways to contribute financially to the immediate aid, and to reconstruction. The Australian Red Cross seems to be the primary donation source. But you might also want to support Wildlife Victoria, which is looking after a lot of displaced and distressed animals. John Quiggin is running one of his many successful blog-based fundraising appeals, and you can donate through that if you want to help show how much blog readers help out in times of need.

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  1. My partner grew up in Strathewen, where the entire town appears to be gone and many people are dead or missing. Her family managed to save their house, but many of their neighbours were not so lucky, and these people have nothing left now. The provision of clothing, food, and shelter to very distressed people is an urgent need that the Red Cross is attempting to meet.

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