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The RSS feed for Philosophy Compass, like for most Wiley-Blackwell journals, has changed. The new feed is.

There is also now a pay-per-view option for Philosophy Compass, with most articles being $1.99. More details are available here. I realise this is not as cheap as open access journals, but I think it is decent by the standards of commercial journals.

I wanted to stress one article from yesterday’s round-up of recent releases, namely Neil Levy and Michael McKenna’s article on free will. Here is its abstract.

In this article we survey six recent developments in the philosophical literature on free will and moral responsibility: (1) Harry Frankfurt’s argument that moral responsibility does not require the freedom to do otherwise; (2) the heightened focus upon the source of free actions; (3) the debate over whether moral responsibility is an essentially historical concept; (4) recent compatibilist attempts to resurrect the thesis that moral responsibility requires the freedom to do otherwise; (5) the role of the control condition in free will and moral responsibility, and finally (6) the debate centering on luck.

Due largely to editorial blunders on my end, this article took much longer to appear than it should have. Since the main point of Compass is its pace, this was a fairly bad mistake of mine. I trust that the paper will still be of lots of value though to people working in free will and, more importantly, to people who want to know what’s happening on free will. Although it is longer than the typical Compass paper, it is an excellent survey of a big area.

Finally, here are four new papers that have recently gone online, and which will be in the next ‘volume’ of Compass.

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  1. This is really exciting. Neither of the schools I’ve worked at this year have a subscription to Philosophy Compass and there’s tons of good stuff that I’ve been hoping to read for some time. If I might make one suggestion. I’ll willingly pay the $1.99 for an article, but I’d be thrilled if I could get it in pdf and mp3.

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