There’s a NIP in the Air in Aberdeen

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Some very big news for British philosophy.  From 1st September there will be a new philosophy research centre at Aberdeen founded by Crispin Wright.  Its provisional name is the Northern Institute of Philosophy.  The centre will have the following remit (with areas of envisaged mid-term focus in brackets):

  • Epistemology (formal epistemology, entitlement, epistemic externalism, perception)
  • Formal Logic, including the history of logic
  • Philosophy of Logic (logical consequence, the paradoxes, inferentialism and model-theory, the epistemology of logic and the a priori)
  • Philosophy of Language (rule-following, propositions, vagueness, semantics and pragmatics, contextualism and relativism, content externalism)
  • Philosophy of Mathematics (foundations, neo-logicism and structuralism)
  • Metaphysics (value, taste, meaning, intentionality, time and truth),
  • Philosophy of Mind (the metaphysics and epistemology of the self, rationality and rational explanation)
  • History of Analytical Philosophy, and its methods, scope and limits

A number of appointments are planned, including 2-3 Institute professors and 6 quarter-time professorial fellows.  There will also be funded PhD places and postdoc positions, as well as funding for networks and workshops.

Exciting times!

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  1. omg, I just had a flashback from my last trip to Aberdeen. It involves lots of people staggering around puking in the streets and lots of people who just got off of oil rigs and lots of partners with significant others still on oil rigs and all the debauchery that entails. Good move on Crispin’s part; I can’t think of a better place to do philosophy!

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