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I’m in St Andrews for two more days, until the end of the summer school. It’s been absurdly beautiful here the last couple of days, reminding me why I come here rather than rainy old New York. At least there is some good food and wine to make up for it.

  • The slides for my talk at the summer school are here (PDF). I tinkered a little bit with the slides before the presentation to take out some of the digressions, and still only covered the first 3 sections in the talk. (I had planned to get through 4 sections, but there were several good questions along the way that slowed things down. PS: The link I originally put up to the slides was broken; thanks to Michael Kremer in comments for pointing this out.)
  • Continuing with the Arché theme, our colleagues at CSMN have podcasts of some of their recent conference proceedings. The talks at the Arché summer school are being recorded, so they might go to podcast soon as well.
  • There have been some changes at the Journal of Semantics recently, many of which will make the journal more interesting to people in philosophy department. One of my former colleagues, Zoltan Szabó, is now an associate editor, and two of my colleagues, François Recanati and Roger Schwarzschild, are on the advisory board. The journal aims to cover “all areas in the study of meaning, and particularly welcomes submissions using the best available methodologies in semantics, pragmatics, the syntax/semantics interface, cross-linguistic semantics, experimental studies of meaning (processing, acquisition, neurolinguistics), and semantically informed philosophy of language.” (my emphasis) There is more information here (PDF).

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