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I converted the bibliography in my SEP entry on David Lewis to BibTex format, and along the way fixed up some errors. I think this is the most complete and accurate Lewis bibliography in existence, but any suggestions for how to make it more accurate would be appreciated.

I also made a printout of the bibliography. I couldn’t get it sorted by year as I wanted. (I tried the ‘plainyr’ package, but it messed up the location of books in the sort order.) So it’s sorted by first author, which is a little quirky. Anyway, in case it is helpful to anyone who wants to check it over, here it is.

The BibTex file is based on a download from the wonderful PhilPapers website, though I’ve made a number of additions to it. But most of the issue numbers, for instance, are taken from the PhilPapers download, and many would have been unobtainable without that start.

UPDATE: Duncan Watson told me that there are some letters from David Lewis published in The Law of Non-Contradiction. I’ve included them (at his suggestion) as ‘‘Letters to Priest and Beall” in the bibliography.

UPDATE 2 (Sept 2, 11am): I’ve updated the files to include the omissions pointed out by Wo in the comments. Thanks to Wo for spotting all those!

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  1. Hi Brian,

    a few quick notes from comparing this to my own list:

    - “Censored Vision” is officially by Bruce LeCatt, not David Lewis.

    - Since you mention that “Causation as influence” 2000b is an abridged version of “Causation as influence” 2004a, you might also mention that “Buy like a MADman, use like a NUT” is an abridged version of “Finite Counterforce”.

    - The 1983 reprint of “An argument for the identity theory” is actually a reprint of the extended version of the original paper that first appeared in David M. Rosenthal (ed.), Materialism and the Mind-Body Problem, Engelwood Cliffs: Prentica-Hall, 1971.

    - “Languages and language” was first published in Italian as “Lingue e Lingua”, in a Journal called “Versus”, vol.4, 1973, 2-21. (This version also differs in some interesting respects from the later English version.)

    - In 1978 Lewis wrote an afterthought to “Causation” which to my knowledge is only published in German as “Nachwort (1978)”, in G√ľnter Posch (ed.), Kausalit√§t: Neue Texte, Stuttgart: Reclam, 1981, 124-126

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