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October 22nd, 2009

Around the Web

Posted by Brian Weatherson in Uncategorized


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3 Responses to “Around the Web”

  1. Michael Kremer says:

    I started to take Stich’s survey. By the time I got to the third question, reflection about the form of the questions began to set in, and I began to question my responses to the first two questions. It seemed to me the questions were poorly designed in a number of ways. I am not going to go into details about this, in order not to spoil others’ taking the survey. But I do wonder if I am alone in my reaction.

  2. Michael Kremer says:

    I’ll just add: I quit before answering the third question.

  3. Richard Hanley says:

    I thought it was okay until a rather strange conjunction question. The first conjunct makes a contentious claim, and the second I predict will be thought false by everyone taking the survey. So if the intention is to investigate the contentious claim, bad luck!

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