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  1. Cool deal, Carrie, incl. the uncomfortable shout-out to “Judaica”: a “maximally inauthentic” band is something to be, but my days of Popery and roses and Socialist Labor and “ghostwriting the whip” and yes, even a “soca hoax” writ small over I am getting into a new record of long gestation from one Atlas Sound.

  2. Maybe this idea shouldn’t be buried in a comment, but I’ve been struck over the years by the number of musicians one finds amongst philosophers, and now there seem to be musicians writing self-consciously philosophical songs.

    So… I propose we start a tradition of “philking” at philosophy conferences. If you’ve ever been to a science fiction conference, you’ll know about “filk” (and if you don’t, go find out). It’s often pretty bad, but can be rather good as well. And goddam good fun.

    I further propose that we start with the Pacific APA—it’s suitably laid-back. Who’s with me? Instead of going to a crappy Ayn Rand or Carl Jaspers group meeting, let’s philk!

    Apart from the Monads, there are a few people mentioned on V. Alan White’s site:

    Please suggest some other potential philkers, or other potential conferences.

    Or not.

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