Links, July 16

I’ve been working on some stuff on disagreement recently, but they aren’t close to being ready to post here. In the meantime, here are some links.

  • Ishani has posted a paper on Miranda Fricker’s Epistemic Injustice.
  • The TeX for Philosophers Blog, which has lots of good stuff for TeX newbies, and for more advanced users.
  • Alison Fernandes has a good guide for applying to US and UK graduate schools. It is written largely from the perspective of people applying from Australia, but a lot of it should carry over to other students. I think that she puts a bit too much emphasis on talking to faculty members, and too little on talking to graduate students, at the later stages of the application. (I.e., after you’ve been accepted and are trying to decide where to go.) But I agree with most of it, and think it’s an incredibly useful guide.
  • Some of the Arché people seem excited by the game theory course I’ve promised to run next year.

Finally, here are some things people might be interested in applying for:

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